Prescription Medication Administration Policy

sick_childI grant permission for the camp nurse or a delegated staff member to administer medication/treatment to my child at KCD Children’s Camp or KCD Children’s Activities as indicated by my child’s physician accordingly. I understand that I must provide any prescribed medication in its original labeled container. I also acknowledge the need and give permission for appropriate communications between the activity/camp health professional and the medical prescriber related to the specific treatment in question, including communication concerning:

  1. the prescription or treatment itself (e.g., questions regarding dosage, method of administration, potential drug interactions)
  2. implementation of the treatment at camp or children’s activities (e.g., questions regarding safety concerns, infection control issues, or modifications in the treatment)
  3. student outcomes from the treatment (e.g., questions regarding observed side effects, possible untoward reactions, etc.)
  4. other pertinent issues related to the student’s diagnosis, condition, or treatment.