KCD children's quizzing is alive and well!

Children's Quizzing on the Kansas City District is a vital part of our ministry to our district kids and their families.· Our goal is to establish a solid biblical foundation for our kids that will lead them to commit their hearts and lives to the Lord and His service.· While our main focus is on Bible study, we also enjoy getting together for 5 quiz meet competitions each season.· These meets are held in various local churches.· See the Competition Schedule menu item for dates, locations, and lessons covered at that meet.

For more information, contact the District Director Sue Cornelsen· at suecornelsen@aol.com.

To order curiculum, go to www.gokidsquiz.com.

Quizzing Memory verses set to music by DaVonne Lee, can be ordered at www.hideandkeep.com.

A brief explanation of the KC District Quiz Program:

  • Children's Bible Study Program that encourages the child to look to the Scriptures for answers.
  • Using the New (2011) NIV Version.
  • Red Level Quizzing suggested for grades 1-3 or according to reading levels
  • Blue Level Quizzing suggested for grades 3-6 or according to reading levels
  • Blue Level Quizzers may quiz on a team of 4 (we often combine churches so every quizzer has an opportunity to quiz on a team even if less than 4 quizzers are from the church)
  • Both levels have opportunities to earn ribbons and medals. Blue Level teams can earn trophies
  • Both Red & Blue Level Quizzers can earn a trophy for memorizing Scripture.
  • We have quizzes in October, November, January and February with our Final District Quiz in March (there is also an opportunity to attend a regional quiz)
  • Quiz material is available from the Nazarene Publishing House (or if your quiz kids qualify for a "scholarship" – let Sue know)
  • E-mail Sue Cornelsen (suecornelsen@aol.com) for more information.

Who can quiz?

Any child in 1st through 6th grade.

Do we have to have 4 quizzers in order to quiz?

No. All Red Level Quizzers quiz as individuals. Blue Level (3-6 grades) CAN quiz on a team – they can also get awards as individuals. If convenient, we CAN combine quizzers from different churches to form a team of 4

Do we have to do this on Wednesday nights? Or Sunday nights? Or during Sunday School?

The timing is up to you. This can even be a homeschool project. Our quizzes, however, are always on Saturdays, beginning at 9AM for registration. Our goal is to be out by noon.

Do we have to attend all the quizzes?

It's preferred, but we know that can't always happen.

What happens at a quiz?

  • Red Level has three rounds of 15 questions – The question is read twice and then the quizzer is asked to select the best answer.
  • For Blue Level, it's also three rounds, but with 20 questions. After every 5 questions, the team is able to earn bonus points by selecting one member to answer a question or recite a memory verse.
  • At the end, we celebrate by awarding our quizzers with ribbons according to their scores, with ribbons for perfect rounds, with medals for our top 5 places and (for Blue Level) trophies for our top teams.
  • At the district quiz, it's the same as above, plus all Blue Level Quizzers receive a trophy and all quizzers who have memorized all the verses receive a trophy.

What do I need to compete in Quizzing?

A copy of the Scripture References (this can be e-mailed to you). A Leader's book and a Student Book (available at the NPH) and a quiz box (the NPH has these, as well, however some churches use wooden boxes, some use envelopes with cards).

Who do we call for more information?

Sue Cornelsen. (suecornelsen@aol.com) I'll be happy to help you set up your program or help in any way I can.