District Assembly Day Camp

smiling-girlOn Wednesday and Thursday, July 26-27, 2017, of the Kansas City District Convention Homecoming we hold a day camp for children birth through 6th grade.

Maybe you are wondering, “Why is it important to create space for children at our district conventions?” I am so glad you asked.

  1. Inviting children to be a part of this gathering is another way to help children realize we are part of something bigger than our local churches. If we desire to raise children and churches to embrace both district and global vision—we need to create opportunities to “see” the bigger picture.
  2. Bringing children together for a district gathering will create opportunities for children to build lasting relationships with other Christ Followers across the district.
  3. Children already lead in so many facets of learning and serving and someday (before you know it!) children will be eligible to be the elected district assembly delegates; some will be ordained as Pastors, some will serve as appointed leaders in our churches and some will be the most committed laymen. We have a great opportunity today to help our children fall in love with Christ’s Church and His people.



Wednesday & Thursday, July 27-28—Day Camp