7 Habits of a Highly Successful Camper


  1. Set goals to make some good memories, make new friends, and learn new stuff about God. Plan to listen with your ears and your hearts.
  2. Either "hang" with your counselor or make sure your counselor knows where you are at all times. This is because we care about you!
  3. Attend all activities as a group. This will include chapel, mealtimes, missions, scheduled recreational activities, etc. by hangin' together we will know each other.
  4. Anytime you plan to be out of your cabin/dorm you need to be fully dressed. Bathing suits are not considered "an outfit" so cover your "top-est" and "bottom-est" parts at all times! This goes for boys and girls.
  5. We have "borrowed" this campground for a week of fun. Please treat every inch of the property with respect and remind your buddies to do the same.
  6. We have prayed that camp will be a "safe place" for every single person here; part of the safety we will provide includes being very careful with our words. Choose words that build-up rather than words that tear down!
  7. Have fun together often, talk together, hang loose, be flexible, play together, listen to each other, have fun together often, play some games, learn together, and have fun together often!


Adopting these habits will help bring a great week!